10 Important Moving Details You Should Keep in Mind Part 2

Expert Advice from a Reliable Moving and Storage Company

Welcome back! We are very happy that you are interested in the second part of our article. We pick up from where we left last week.

4. Keep in mind that if your old apartment has been damaged, your landlord will most likely deduct the repair costs from your deposit. Therefore, once you decide to move, check to see if something must be repaired before your final walk-through with your landlord.

Preparing for moving company5. Once the movers of the moving and storage company arrive, make sure that the truck is parked legally as well as that there is plenty of space between nearby vehicles and the truck ramp. Let the movers or your friends help you load the boxes know which ones contain fragile items.

6. Before settling in,arrange a walk-through with your new landlord. Check if electricity and other utilities are up and running. Find out of there are any ground rules you should follow while moving in.

7. Coordinate your move. This includes every little detail. In order to make sure that you won’t miss something, simply consult a qualified and experienced moving and storage company such as Statewide Virginia Moving Co.

8. Check for any damage that might have occurred during the transportation.

9. Have your movers or friends place furniture and boxes directly into the rooms they are supposed to go. This will save you a tremendous amount of effort and time while unpacking.

10. Congratulations! You just completed your move! Once all your belongings are at your new home, treat yourself and your family and friends to a nice dinner or plan something fun to shake the stress off.

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