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10 Important Moving Details You Should Keep in Mind Part 2

Expert Advice from a Reliable Moving and Storage Company

Welcome back! We are very happy that you are interested in the second part of our article. We pick up from where we left last week.

4. Keep in mind that if your old apartment has been damaged, your landlord will most likely deduct the repair costs from your deposit. Therefore, once you decide to move, check to see if something must be repaired before your final walk-through with your landlord. Continue reading

10 Important Moving Details You Should Keep in Mind Part 1

Expert Advice from a Trusted Moving Company

Is it time to move? Are you stressed out by all the things you have to do? Moving is one of the most overwhelming experiences in a person’s life but with some help from a professional moving company, you can ensure the success of your relocation. In order to make your move a bit less hassling, we have prepared a list of a few tips you should keep in mind. Continue reading

Do You Need a Storage Facility Where You Can Leave Personal Belongings That You Do Not Need?

Why Choose Our Moving and Storage Company?

There are times when it becomes necessary to find storage space when some of your belongings won’t fit in your house, when you are moving or remodeling your home. In these cases, the best solution is to hire a moving and storage company like Statewide Virginia Moving Co. If you want to learn why we are the trustworthy and dependable contractor to call, read the following list with storage facility advantages that we can offer:

– We are proud to have many clients who are satisfied with our top quality service, and we know that we owe our success to our highly-trained personnel and our first-class facilities.
– We offer units for both personal and business needs. You can always entrust us with your belongings – they will be safe with us, and that is guaranteed in the storage contract that you sign with us.
– Both residents and tourists in McLean, VA might need storage space to keep their luggage. This is why, we offer several secure locations that are easily accessible.
– Our moving staff are experienced and well-trained, and they are always ready to assist you with moving your belongings to our facilities.
– We are certified, licensed and bonded.
– In addition to all this, we have durable packaging supplies and equipment to help you protect your most valued items intact during the relocation process and storing them in one of our units.

Don’t clutter your new home or office with items you rarely use such as file boxes with business or personal paperwork and tax records, duplicate furnishings that you want to hang on to or bulky holiday decorations. Instead, call our moving and storage company at (703) 239-7283, and get all of your unnecessary belongings transported to one of our local storage facilities. In order to learn how you can rent one of our transportation trucks or packing team, call our customer care department at (703) 239-7283!

The Things That Experienced Movers Can Offer You

What You Can Expect from a Professional Mover

Once you make the decision to move into a new home, you will probably need someone experienced to help you with all the heavy lifting that the task requires and the transportation. And since most people are not minimalists and have quite a lot of stuff, a move can be really hard to organize and be done successfully just with the help of some friends or family members. So, the best thing you can do for yourself is to hire a company offering moving services. Continue reading

How to Relocate in a Safe and Timely Manner

5 Professional Tips for a Safer Moving

Relocating can be very difficult and stressful. As a professional moving company, we know that from experience. It can be pretty dangerous too, especially when taking out the larger and heavier pieces of furniture. If this was the only threat, it would have been great, but there are many hidden dangers when you are planning to move.

Continue reading