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Are you in the market for professional moving services? Do you need reliable storage space container to place your items? WE have the perfect solution for you!

Welcome Statewide Virginia Moving Co!

Located in McLean, VA, we are the moving company that will satisfy all of your moving and storage needs. For a long time, we have satisfied our respected client’s wishes for a professional mover- this is why they still continue to benefit from our services. Our experienced local movers are more than Moving Servicecapable of satisfying any moving needs you might have. We have listed a few examples of what our company can transport for you:

– any type of furniture: beds, sofas, chairs, tables, etc.
– home appliances: TV’s, washing machines, stereos, microwaves, etc.
– and more!

Compared to other moving companies, Statewide Virginia Moving Co is the McLean, VA company that will take care of your requests down to the smallest detail. We don’t only deliver our clients item of choosing, but also provide a customer service of superior quality. We will take care of your belongings in the most professional way possible. The highly trained and experienced professionals of our moving company possess the necessary qualification needed for providing the high quality results you expect. The goal of our local and long distance movers, is to deliver your items in the same pristine condition they left your home in the first place.

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Address: 1302 Vincent Pl McLean, VA 22101

Phone: (703) 239-7283

Statewide Virginia Moving Co advises people in McLean, VA to avoid using the services of freelance local movers. The reason for this, is that amateurs do not possess the necessary qualification and professional determination needed, for completion of this job. A simple example: prior to any moving job, any professional mover will first plan specifically where any items should be placed, and provide the necessary protection the items need. If your belongings are not stored properly, the transportation process can damage them. And all of this will be because the amateur mover will not have taken the necessary precautions.

Moving CompanyThere are many moving companies, however we are the one that make a difference. What is precious to you, is precious to us – this is why our company does not make any compromises when it comes to transporting your items. Before any moving, our local or long distance movers will carefully inspect all of your belongings, and arrange them in a special way. We will provide special anti-shock padding, so there won’t be even a single scratch. Don’t deny yourself the high quality service you need!

It is very rare in these days to find a moving & storage service which can satisfy your needs. The moving & storage service provided by our company is one of a kind. All storage facilities of our company are more than enough to accommodate any storage requirements you might have – without delay. If you have some business to attend to, you can always place your belongings within our storage compound, before moving them to another area. Contact us and we will happily provide you with the service you need!

Any moving & storage service delivered by our outstanding company comes at competitive and affordable prices. If you wish to find out more, call us on the phone number listed below and we will gladly provide you with the assistance that only our moving company can deliver.

(703) 239-7283

I was moving to another house, and a friend of mine recommended [cn]. Their staff was very friendly and professional. Thank you for the incredible service!